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At Dental Practice Loans we always like to ask dental practitioners, What is your time worth to you? Our goal is clear, Make this dental practice financing process simple and build a long term relationship by providing the best products and the best service to keep you satisfied while saving time and money!

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Dental Practice Loans and Financing

Dental Practice Loans dot net specializes in dental practice financing whether you are a dental practitioner with an established practice or a recent graduate. If you are looking for acquisition financing or starting a dental practice, debt consolidation, real estate, working capital, equipment to purchase or just about anything you need for your business, we can help with your dental practice financing needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your new or existing practice. We can provide some great dental practice financing tips and perform a free, simple review of your business or business plan to make sure you are considering all the best financing options that are available.

Dental Practice Loans

- 100% Dental Practice Financing
- Low Fixed Interest Rates
- 5, 7, 10, & 15 Year Fixed Terms
- No Down Payment Programs
- Flexible Pre-payment Penalties
- No Hidden Fees, Points, or Application Fees

100% Dental Practice Financing Loans -

Dental Practice Loans is proud to offer "The 100% Dental Practice Financing Loan". This program includes aggressive, fixed interest rates that allow for as much as 15% of the transaction amount to be working capital needed. We also have super financing programs available to combine your dental practice acquisition and commercial real estate. For more details...

Dental Practice Debt Consolidation-

Did you realize you can add extra equipment or free up more working capital with debt consolidation? Not only that, but you can also increase available funds, and keep your hard earned money while decreasing your monthly payments. We have assisted many dentists with consolidating their practice and real estate by refinancing to lower interest rates which lead to a nice extra monthly cash flow. With current interest rates at all-time lows, a dental practice debt consolidation loan may be just what your business needs. You may also want to ask us about accelerating your debt reduction to enjoy a debt free practice sooner. For more details...

Dental Practice Expansion, Relocation, Remodel-

Thinking about expanding, relocating or remodeling your dental practice? It's bound to happen at some point in the life of your practice. With our dental practice financing experience and options available (Conventional and SBA Loan programs), the outcome is the most competitive and creative dental practice expansion loan programs in the marketplace. For more details...

Dental Practice Real Estate Financing-

Are you looking to acquire or build commercial real estate for your dental practice? It's a great idea and can lead to a higher net worth, as well as a solid and steady cash flow stream down the road. Now is one of the best times in our history to acquire commercial real estate and we would be happy to help you in the process. At Dental Practice Loans we have superb conventional and 100% financing programs that are designed specifically for dentists. These financing options are available for acquisition or build-out, which can include new equipment and working capital. For more details...

Dental Practice Start Up Loan-

Are you considering starting a dental practice or buying a dental practice? Contact us to save yourself an enormous amount of time and energy. Our personalized service and dental practice financing options can really assist you in meeting your initial cash flow needs while allowing you to focus on starting or growing your dental practice. We will share the options that have worked for numerous dental practitioners we have helped in the past, and tailor a plan that works best for you. For more details...

Dental Practice Working Capital Loan-

Need more working capital for your dental practice? We have loan requests for working capital available up to 250k and our capital partners can usually fund in just a few days while offering personal and non-personal guarantee options. At Dental Practice Loans, we understand from working with many dental practitioners that working capital can be an essential factor to running a prosperous dental practice. For more details...

Dental Practice Loans

A premium resource for dental practice loans and financing.

Don’t forget the value of your time. Dental Practice Loans offers true personalized service. With our experience in dental practice financing we will be able to guide you towards the best financing program available for your needs while saving you a bunch of time, energy, and money in the process. We look forward to serving you at Dental Practice Loans.

Dental Practice Loan Programs

Whether you are a dental practitioner with an established practice or a recent graduate. If you value your time and appreciate true personalized service, it is worth giving us call.

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