Dental Practice Acquisition Loans

July 7, 2011

Dental Practice Acquisition Loans

Thinking About A Dental Practice Acquisition? We Can Help!

At Dental Practice Loans, we realize that one of the biggest decisions in your career can be acquiring an existing dental practice. Considered to be less risky than a straight start-up, a dental practice acquisition gives you an existing patient base, an office staff already in place, the established location, and the equipment you need. You also get to inherit the built-up “goodwill” and practice trademark of the existing dentist.

It’s definitely worth giving us a call to see how we can help you with your acquisition. With years of experience in assessing and evaluating practices, we are able to offer our clients some of the most aggressive dental practice acquisition loans in the country! With rates at all time lows and great practices available for sale, now is a great time to find out about your financing options for your acquisition. We’ll be glad to listen to your plan for acquiring the practice and offer some great tips to help with your financing.

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Let our industry specific knowledge show you the best path to the acquisition of your new, already established practice. We feel we can truly understand and offer value to you, because we’ve been there. Our Practice Loan Team has experienced over 35 years of combined lending services and we are ready to work with you to assess the financial possibilities of your acquisition.

Dental Practice Acquisition Loans Available!

Complete the information in our Dental Practice Loan Quick App Here and one of our Practice loan Specialist will contact you within 24 hours. If you would like to have a conversation with one of our dental practice loan specialists right now, call Toll Free (888) 987-5106.

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Whether you are a dental practitioner with an established practice or a recent graduate. If you value your time and appreciate true personalized service, it is worth giving us call.

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